No time


"Creativity" by Andrew Lawrence

A creative person, when creating, is not aware of the time, the day, the month, the season or whether it is day or night. They are in the throes of creativity and those things have no meaning, do not matter.

It is now 3 AM on a Monday morning in early June. I had to look at my laptop to notice that. Because I was in the middle of my creativity, my creative writing juices were flowing, I was writing a new book and felt very excited, very motivated, VERY creative, VERY alive. 

At 3 AM I was alone in my own universe, happily creating. Creativity. I was lost in time. It felt good, like nothing else.

When I stopped for a minute I noticed that indeed I did not know the time, or day, etc, and did not care. To me, at that moment, those things were not important, had no meaning. I had to look at my laptop to orientate myself back to the real world, i.e. the time (the middle of the night), the day and date. 

I then wrote this blog post about it, to share that unique, and amazing, aspect of creativity with you.