Magic number

 It was Friday, September 2, 2022 in Los Angeles when the magic number appeared.

The magic number was the outside temperature. 100 degrees (F). It appeared at the top of my car's dashboard when I started the car at 2:45 PM. (see above photo). Yes, it was hot. Luckily, the humidity in L.A. is usually low so 100 degrees is bearable here and in high temps I normally don't even sweat.

We are having a heat wave. Over Labor Day Weekend. On Sunday, the day before Labor Day, it is expected to be 108 (F) in my area of Los Angeles. I think I'll stay home that day, indoors. With the air conditioning on.

The next day, Saturday, when I went to my car and started it here's what my dashboard read

109 degrees (F). Another magic number.

AND, the next day, Sunday, when I went to my car and started it I saw this

At 1:33 PM my car dashboard read 114 degrees (F). Another magic number. A scary number. A major heat wave number. Yes, cars are normally somewhat inaccurate when it comes to reading the outside temperature. According to an official weather website the actual temperature in my area was 108 degrees (F). Still very very hot.

In the hottest place in California, Death Valley, at 2 PM officially it was 118 degrees (F). Death Valley holds the world record for hottest temperature ever at 134° F, which was measured back in July 1913.

And, as the heat wave continued, on Labor Day, Monday, September 5, the first magic number appeared again on my dashboard. 100 degrees (F) at 5:43 PM.

And the next day, Tuesday, September 6, 2022 I saw this on my dashboard. 104 (F).

It's been a long 5 straight days of magic numbers, temperatures over 100 degrees F. Oh, wait a minute, make that 6 days. The next day, Wednesday, had yet another magic number. At 5:38 PM my car dashboard read 100 F.

And on the 7th day the heat DIDN'T rest. It blasted high temps yet another day, day #7. At 5:07 PM on Thursday, September 8, 2022 my dashboard read another magical number, a number 100 degrees or higher. It read 109 F.

7 straight days of excessive heat. Magic numbers of 100 degrees F or higher. Documented by me, and my car.

Friday           100 F
Saturday       109 F
Sunday         114 F
Monday        100 F
Tuesday        104 F
Wednesday   100 F
Thursday      109 F

OK, enough magic numbers. A full week in Los Angeles and throughout California of excessive heat of 100 degrees F or higher. The heat wave is ending and I'm done documenting the high temperatures. And its magic numbers. And, no, I am not a weather professional. Or overly obsessed with weather. I'm just a human being who's body and mind is weather sensitive. Very sensitive.

Just as the heat wave is ending Tropical Storm Kay is arriving in California, to drench us in rain. With temperatures in the high 80's F. Probably with high daily humidity, making it feel like 100 degrees F. The storm is predicted to stay for 3 days, with predicted thunderstorms, flash flooding, and winds in excess of, you guessed it, a magic number. 100 mph!

I can't wait until the current weather in Los Angeles gets back to "normal". Normal in L.A. is: warm and sunny days, temperatures in the 80's F, with low humidity. That's why I live here. Oops, maybe I spoke too soon. On Sunday, September 11, after the tropical storm, we got another magic number. 100 F.

I have a saying about Los Angeles weather. "In L.A. we only have 2 seasons. Hot and hotter." 

On October 19 we got another magic number. Another 100-degree day. In mid-October.

Welcome to the Fall season in Los Angeles.