Covid Positive

In August 2022, after escaping being infected with Covid for more than 2 1/2 years, suddenly I got infected with the new Covid variant, and have been sick for 25 days, even though I am vaxxed and boosted and wore a mask for 2+ years. The new variant is, apparently, outrageously spreadable. 

I spoke at length about Covid with the doctor and staff at my local hospital Emergency Room when I went there for the third time with my recurring Covid symptoms and I tested positive. I told them I was stunned that I got Covid after more than 2 years of being vaxxed and boosted and masked and no socializing, no close prolonged contact with people, no parties, no dining out and restricting my activities to basically going to the supermarket and the gas station. The ER doctor said, "Oh, yes, with this new variant you can easily get Covid just by going food shopping or putting gas in your car. Even after being vaxxed and boosted." "What?" I said. "That's really bizarre. So, after being careful for years, it did me no good and I got Covid anyway?"

Worse, when I first went to the ER I tested negative for Covid, even though I apparently had it, along with the symptoms of fever, mind fog, fatigue, chills and shaking. A week later I tested positive. And 5 days after that, though my symptoms had temporarily diminished or disappeared, I still tested positive at my local pharmacy. The nurse that did the test thought it might be a False Positive. Hmm. Perhaps the Covid testing is not always accurate, at least in my case. Will I test positive forever and be permanently banned from society and living my life? If so, can I get a note from my doctor - or the government - saying that my Covid tests are not accurate and that I NOT infected or contagious?

The bad news? Will Covid keep evolving? If so, despite all efforts, will everyone on Planet Earth get Covid? Will it be like the common cold or the flu? I don't know, I am not a medical professional and never wanted to be one. I just want to be acceptably healthy and able to function. And be a Creative, writing books and blogs and doing my fine art photography. 

The good news? While being sick with Covid I published 3 new books!

all 3 new books are