Dreams Can Come True

Dreams can come true. They can. That doesn't mean that they will but they can. 

How do you make your dream come true? If it doesn't happen, if your dream doesn't come true by magic, you WORK at it. You WORK at making your dream come true. You work HARD at making your dream come true. You do whatever you can (provided what you do is legal, and moral) 

You make the effort, you take the risks, you beat the odds. You do that IF your dream is worth achieving.

What's MY dream? I have 3. Three dreams. Three dreams I want to come true. I would be happy to have ANY of them come true. Here are my dreams

To sell tons of my wonderful life improvement books. My books

To sell tons of the wonderful fine art I created. Cool Color Photos

OR, to win at least a $100 million cash jackpot in a lottery. (I buy a ticket when the cash jackpot is over $100 million)

Yes, YOUR dream(s) can come true. Start working on it. Keep working on it. Start/restart today. Start/restart NOW!