Flu Season

It's late-October 2022 and flu season is upon us. As I am not a teenager or a toddler or under 30 I decided to get a flu shot. And hope I don't get the flu. One pandemic per decade/lifetime (Covid) is enough! 

I went to my doctor just before noon and got the flu shot in my left shoulder. About an hour later my left shoulder hurt. It hurt a lot. I could barely move my arm without major pain. Luckily, I'm right handed and could use my laptop. I also noticed that later in the day I had the chills, mild but shaky. I was concerned that maybe I had a fever. I took my temperature. It was 98.8 F.  No fever. In the evening I watched some TV and got flu-shot-tired about 10 PM.  I also noticed a bit of mild dizziness.

I went to bed and half-slept and half-dreamed for 4 hours. Then I got out of bed and started the day. Several of my flu shot symptoms had lessened. But my temperature had gone up. It was 100.8 F. A fever. 

Now, assuming my fever breaks and my temperature goes back to normal, if the shot I got can protect me from getting the flu for this year's flu season it will have been worth it.

Yes, my symptoms all went away and I was fine.