hot potato

Many years ago, when I was a young person, age 18, before going off to college, I got a job at a local steak joint. They served dinner. It was a part-time evening job. They put me in charge of baking potatoes. I put raw potatoes on a tray and cooked them in an oven. They told me that, when the potatoes were cooked, I should take them out of the oven and put them in a warming bin. I used a towel to take the hot tray out of the oven. 

Then, when an order included a baked potato I would take one out of the bin and put it on the plate. The potato was hot. Very hot. I did this maybe 100 times a night. I did this barehanded. That was the way it was done. And back then we didn't wear gloves. My hands were clean. And nobody ever got sick from the food at the restaurant.

After a week or so of doing this I noticed that my fingertips were now numb. All of my fingertips. Not just for a few moments but numb all the time. From the heat, from picking up hot potatoes. 

This was a big problem as I had a girlfriend and could not feel her wonderful body when I touched her. Sex without touching? No feeling in one's fingertips while sexing? At age 18? When I realized that my numb fingertips may be a permanent thing I had a big decision to make. To continue to have numb fingertips and not be able feel my girlfriend's skin and sexy areas, or quit my job. And hope the feeling returned to my fingertips. I thought about it. The money was good, the hours were good, and the staff was treated very well. It was a good summer job for a college-bound young person. 

At age 18, the sex was more important than the job. Using my hands and fingers and feeling a girlfriend's skin et al while having sex, lots of sex, was more important than the job. 

I quit. 

After a few days the feeling in my fingertips returned. 

Giving up the hot potato gig was a good decision.

It was worth it. Oh yeah!