Spam track

I get a lot of email spam. Don't you? Every day I get spam emails. Lots of email spam. Endless email spam. I never counted the spam emails I get on a given day, I usually delete the spam emails as I see them. And the spam that comes to my inbox I move to the Junk email file and then delete them. 

On a whim I decided to see exactly how many spams I got today, a Monday. Today, I will let my email spam accumulate and will not delete them as they hit my spam folder and will wait until the day is done and see how many spam emails I got today.

As of 10 AM I had 107 email spams in my spam folder. So far.

At noon I had received a total  of 141 email spams.

At 5 PM I had 177 spam emails in my email Bulk (junk) folder.

At 6 PM I had 178 spam emails total. The daily spam seems to slow down by 6 PM (PDT) (9 PM EDT)

At 11 PM I ended up with 178 email spams for the day.

I was expecting 200+ spams. 178 spam emails is still a lot of spam in one day. Way too much spam. That's over 1,200 email spams a week. 


On December 26, 2022, the day after Christmas, I got 155 email spams, in 10 hours. That's an average of 15 spams per hour. An average of one every 4 minutes. Seriously? 

After years, decades, of consumers getting tons of annoying email spam and/or dangerous scam email spam daily WHY doesn't the government, or the tech industry, actually stop email spamming? 

And, no, I do not want to change my main email account, I've been using it for over 20 years in my worldwide creative endeavors of blogging, writing books, and doing photography.