Wow Weather

(Wednesday, December 21, 2022 Los Angeles, California) The weather forecast for today is sunny and a high near 73 (F). On December 21st. Wow. THAT'S nice winter weather! I can leave my winter jacket at home today and go outside in my t-shirt and jeans, my usual summer attire. No sweater. No coat. No layering. No gloves. No scarf. No warm woolen hat. 

I live in L.A. I made up a joke about the weather here. "Here in Los Angeles we only have two seasons. Hot and hotter." Yes, among other things I love humor. Growing up on the East Coast do I miss Winter? With its 4-5 months of freezing temperatures and icy streets and roads? NO.  Am I glad and grateful for the wonderful winter weather in sunny and warm Southern California? YES.

Oh, and I just checked the forecast for the rest of the week and for Sunday, Christmas Day. For Thursday, Friday and Saturday it's going to be mostly sunny with temps in the mid-70's. Wow. And for Christmas Day, December 25th, the forecast is: "Sunny, with a high of 81". WOW. Now THAT'S a good Christmas present! 


After the above, Winter set in and it was cold and very rainy until nearly mid-April. Very rare for L.A. It was the coldest winter since 1978.