Little Pleasures

I have been noticing how much I have been enjoying the little pleasures in life. And the little special treats I provide for myself. 

For instance:

Popsicles. Sugar free. My evening snacks. They are tasty, Not unhealthy, not fattening.

Mini pancakes. I have them twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. 6 of them each time. They're minis! And very cute, very tasty. With "I Can't Believe It's Not butter" and pancake syrup on them.  And, it takes 50 seconds to make them in the microwave and I'm ready to eat!

Scratchers. Lottery scratch-off tickets. $1 and $5 tickets. They're a little treat. Especially if/when I scratch them off and win something.  Maybe a free ticket. Or $2 on a $1 ticket. Or $5. Or $10 on a $5 ticket. Or $500.  Yes, I have won $200 on a $10-and-under scratcher. And $500 too.

And I enjoy when I finally find a great TV show to watch on Hulu or Netflix. Like the show, "Castle".  Or "Queen's Gambit".

Enjoy the little pleasures in your life. Make them happen. On a regular basis. Make sure the little pleasures you give yourself are good for you, and legal and moral.