I am thankful and grateful for my public school education many years ago. Many. Public school education in the old days. When public education was not politicized. The old days when all students learned basic reading, writing, math and history. In elementary and middle school. It was drummed into your head. And, by memorization you learned things. Lots of things. Things you used later in life after you graduated from 12 or 16 years of education. My good basic public school education helped me to create a life, a life I wanted.

As a result of my K-12 public education I can read. I can spell. I can write. I can carry on a conversation. I know, and appreciate, the history of my country, including the bad things. I can use my brain. I can THINK. I can learn things on my own. In fact. everything I did in my adult life I learned and did on my own. Including writing this blog. And authoring 20 self-improvement books. And experienced many other exceptional things in my life, which are revealed in my book, "Stories Of A Lifetime: extraordinary events in an extraordinary life".

Good basic nonpolitical public education helped me become independent. And, along with my good parenting, to become a good person. And to continue to learn things throughout my adult life. Most of all, my good basic public education helped me become ... me. And that is beyond value, priceless.