I haven't had a drink of liquor in maybe 40 years. No, I am not a prohibitionist. Or a teetotaler. Here's why I don't drink

I started drinking at age 14. Like many teenagers. I drank everything. I got drunk on weekends at parties. One night I was so drunk that I couldn't even stand up. Couldn't even walk. I CRAWLED home, blocks away. What I did notice is that when I drank I did not get happy. I did not have FUN. All I got was tired. When I drank liquor, any liquor, all I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. That also included beer, which made me pee a lot, like constantly. Not fun. Not a party animal. 

Eventually, when I reached the legal age of 18 I decided to not drink anymore. Because it didn't work for me. It was not fun. When drinking I was not fun. Drinking did not make me happy. When drinking I was a party pooper. What's the point of drinking if it doesn't make you happier, and more fun? Or make you forget your problems. The problems will still be there when you wake up, usually with a hangover.

I stopped drinking at age 18. Liquor did not like me. I gave it up and have had few drinks since that time. No, I am not against drinking alcohol. If you want to drink, do so.  Responsibly. Legally. Don't drink and drive. 

I am waiting to be stopped by the cops in a DUI Checkpoint. 

Cop: "Sir, have you been drinking? Have you had more than 3 drinks of alcohol tonight?"

Me: "Hahaha. Officer, I haven't had a drink in 40 years."

Cop: "Wow. OK, you can go, sir".