Bucket List

As an old person I have things on my Bucket List that will remain undone. 

What's a Bucket List? A list of things to do, wonderful things, the top things that you want to do in life before you kick the bucket, i.e. before you die.

What are the things on my Bucket List that I have not done? I did not go to Israel and Egypt and tour the ancient sites. Or visit ALL the Ancient Wonders of The World. Now, I'm too old, it is too late health wise and I don't travel well, or at all. 

However, I have no regrets. I did have a lot of amazing extraordinary experiences in life. Truly amazing. Truly extraordinary. In fact, I wrote about them in my book, "Stories of A Lifetime: extraordinary events in an extraordinary life". It's a wonderful book of true and amazing things I witnessed or did. 

At the end, at the end of life, you will look back on the things you did, and didn't do. Do as many good and wonderful things as you can. And make a Bucket List. Do the things on your Bucket List. As many as you can. All of them if possible. And check them off as you do them. Just make sure the things on your Bucket List are moral and legal.

Read my book and be motivated to make, and fulfill the items on YOUR Bucket List!