health problem

Once again, I have a health problem. A recurring health problem. What is it? I am underweight. I am a bit too thin. I don't weigh enough re my height and build. I want to gain weight. I want to eat more fattening food. Yes, this is a problem billions of people would like to have!

I currently weigh 143 pounds. I am 5'10". I want to gain at least 2 pounds. Maybe 5. Or 10. Yes, I learned how to control my weight. With no drugs, no deprivation, no vigorous exercise. I learned the secret. To lose weight. Or gain weight. Yes, it's simple. And easy. And free.

Why am I underweight? I have a good diet. Too good. I don't eat quite enough calories to gain any weight. Often, due to not quite enough caloric intake I lose a pound or two. And, to regain it, I have to binge a bit, on ice cream or cheeseburgers or something else that's "bad" for me. Yes, another problem that billions of people would like to have. 

To gain a few pounds I am looking forward to eating a delicious cheeseburger, with lots of weight-gaining fat, carbs and calories. I will enjoy that twice a week.  I will also enjoy a giant delish tuna sandwich, with lots of mayo, and a side of creamy potato salad. From my local convenience store. And for dinner (or lunch) on another day I will eat 3 high-calorie Monterey Jack taquitos. Note: all of this is temporary. To gain a few pounds. Then I will stop. I will stop eating too many calories. I will stop gaining weight. That is the key. STOPPING. 

So, I now start my wonderful little journey. My weight gain journey. Yum.

And, for people who have the opposite health issue, and need to lose weight, here is a book I wrote.

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