Free Carwash

Today is Saturday. It is supposed to rain, all day. If/when I go out I will get wet. I will have to take an umbrella. And wear a jacket. Oh, well, at least I won't be wearing an expensive suit and it's supposed to be a light-moderate rain not heavy rain which could cause flooding and even worse, traffic jams. 

Rain. A light steady rain. A rainy day. No big deal. Part of Nature. And, I'll even get a free car wash!

Oh, make that 2 full days of rain. It's supposed to rain on Sunday too. Parked outside, my car exterior is gonna be clean clean clean. Too bad the month is going to start with lousy rainy weather. That's life. Sometimes the sun shines and sometimes it rains. No, I had nothing monumental to say. Or write about. Just some Stu Pitt stuff about a rainy day. Written at 4 AM.