The Day Curse

Today, so far, everything I did was wrong, messed up. It's the Day Curse. And it's only noon.

I lost the new registration for my car. What? How? I took the paperwork from my home out to the car, to put it in the glove compartment. Later, I realized that it wasn't there. Where was it? It was not in the car, not on the seat, not on floor, not in the trunk. I was not sure where it was. When I initially went out to the car, besides the car registration in my hand, I also emptied the trash via  a large trash bag and carried an empty supermarket shopping bag. My hands were full. I must have dropped the registration and not realized it. Here I was, driving around without the registration to the car. I called someone, asked them to go look for it. They shortly called me back and said yes they found it. It was on the ground where I walked outside from my residence and went to the car. Whew. 

I also bought some vaping supplies at a vape shop. I was going to put the $33 on my debit card. That's what I use the debit card for. It's got a $100 balance just for that, and/or other minor expenditures. I mistakenly put the $33 on my credit card instead. No big deal, just wrong.

Today is one of those days, a day where everything I do may be wrong. I will make sure I don't do anything important or critical, for fear/certainly that I will mess it up. Luckily, these kind of days are rare. My brain normally works well and my body normally accurately follows the direction of my brain. Not today. Today, I will try hard not to do anything vital or important, anything that matters. And especially anything that might be dangerous. I will stay away from knives and scissors and other sharp objects. In other words, I will take the day off, and try not to do or touch anything. 

These messed up days have happened before. Not too often. In fact, when I was young and worked on Wall Street, when I was having one of those messed up days arrived at work I would loudly announce to the crowded trading room, "It's one of those days. Everything I do today is wrong. Don't let me do anything important. And keep any sharp objects away from me." They looked up - and laughed. They knew. 

I call it The Day Curse.

EVERYBODY has those days, days where everything you do is messed up. Where everything you do is WRONG. It's like a curse, a day curse that messes you up for the entire day. No, there's nothing you can do, no way to lift the curse. However, you may want to benefit from my above experience and advice about the Day Curse. For your own good and the good of everyone around you.