Well, it finally happened. After years of use my camera broke. I use it for fashion photography and fine art photography (

Camera equipment that suddenly breaks can be traumatic. And expensive. I cannot currently use the broken camera. And I do not think any of my old cameras still work, or are as good, to use as backup. Rather than try to have it fixed I bought a new camera. Yes, it was more expensive than I would have liked. What isn't? Naturally, the camera I chose is not in stock at my local camera stores so I bought it online and it will take a week to get here. I now also have anxiety, hoping that, when I get it, my new camera is as good, or better, than the old one I am replacing. We shall see. Turns out that the new camera took blurry pictures in full zoom mode. No good. I was able to return it and get a full refund. Now, I am stuck. Will all the new moderately priced cameras do that? Will I have to spend thousands of dollars to be able to take reasonably good/great photos? How much frustration (and research) will I have to endure?

The moral of the story? Important stuff wears out, or breaks. And has to be fixed, or replaced. That happens. In photography and in life.


I was able to tape the broken external part. And use my old broken camera. The camera is working, for the time being. Thank you, Gorilla Tape.

 Eventually, I took it to a camera repair shop. It cost me $200 but it now works like new.