Artificial weather

I am a weather follower. Before I get dressed to go out I want to know what the weather is and is going to be, so I will know how to dress, what to wear. I want to know what the local weather forecast is in my immediate area. And that also helps me to plan my day. I want to know the current and forecasted temperature, the precipitation, any high winds, etc. And looking out the window does not always reveal what the weather is or is going to shortly be.

I have always checked the weather online before I go out. Sometimes the weather causes me to change my plans. If I plan to, let's say, do outdoor photography and it's going to rain, I may have to change that plan. I use a weather app. I have tried numerous weather apps for the Los Angeles local weather forecast.  NONE of the apps have been accurate enough. Often, they forecast rain and the day is sunny. Or vice versa. 

Today I had a brilliant idea. Why don't I try an artificial intelligence (AI) weather app? Maybe THOSE are more accurate. I looked on google to find an accurate AI weather app for regular users. There were none. None. Apparently, AI weather apps for regular users are still in development. Huh, I am ahead of the AI technology curve! I was both elated and disappointed. Meanwhile I am stuck using the existing inaccurate weather forecasting apps. 

Oh, well. To compensate I can keep an umbrella, maybe a sweater and a jacket in the trunk of my car. Luckily, thankfully, in L.A. we don't get snow or ice or freezing cold temperatures. In fact, I make a joke about our weather. 

"We only have 2 seasons in Los Angeles." 

"Hot and hotter". 

Of course that was before Global Climate Change messed up the weather. Now, instead of like 300 or more sunny days a year we have 263 sunny days, and what we call May Gray and June Gloom.