secret snack

I have a secret. A secret snack. A snack I have every night, after dinner. What is it? Popsicles.
Sugar free popsicles.

I am not a nutritionist. Or a medical professional. I am a consumer and this post contains my opinion, my experience.

I love my nightly popsicles. It's a treat. A tasty easy-to-eat treat. It provides a tasty treat to accompany my evening activities at home. Low calorie. Mostly water. And sugar free. They HAVE to be sugar free, I don't need/want lots of extra sugar, it can be dangerous to my health. Each box contains 3 flavors; orange, cherry and grape. There are 15 calories per pop. I can eat up to 6 of them in one evening and ingest less than 100 calories! And, even at the "high" price of a box of them, eating a popsicle costs me about 35 cents. I can eat 6 of them for like $2!

And they also make tropical flavored sugar free popsicles.

Sugar free popsicles. Lots of flavors. Without the sugar. My favorite nightly tasty treat. And no longer a secret.