Brain fog

Went to pick up a prescription. First I went to the supermarket, bought a few things. Put the shopping bag on the back seat as I always do. Then I went to the pharmacy. After I drove home, I got out of the car, carrying the prescription and went into my apartment. 2 hours later I realized I left the groceries in the car. On the back seat. OMG! I totally forgot. Did the stuff melt? Did it spoil? Were they stolen? I went back to the car to get them. Yes, the groceries were still there, I live in a safe, gated community.

I never do that. I NEVER leave the groceries in the car when I get home. I think I did it maybe once before, when maybe I was not feeling well.

OK, I'm getting old. I forget things, like names. Names of people. Or names of songs. But my mind, my brain, is still sharp, because I use it all the time.  And play games on my tablet. And write posts on my blog. Yet I left the groceries in the car, on a sunny but cool Sunday. Am I getting senile? Am I getting dementia? Is my short term memory no longer working? Or was I just distracted by standing in line for 30 minutes at my CVS pharmacy to pick up the prescription? And then running around trying to buy name brand Vaseline, only to find both my local CVS' had none? 

OK, back to the groceries. Were they melted or spoiled? Luckily, no. Here's what they were:

Tea. Carrot cake. And toothpaste. Whew! I was lucky.