Taquito Tuesday



I discovered a delish dish. Taquitos. Monterey Jack cheese and chicken taquitos. From, believe it or not, Seven Eleven (7-11). These taquitos are spicy. And delicious. And filling. And they are often on sale, 3 for $3!

How did I discover this delish dish? A couple of months ago I had to take the car to be checked. The tire pressure was low and I saw a screw sticking out from the tire tread. Uh oh. A flat tire was coming. As I did not have a spare I took it to a nearby Pep Boys. It was lunchtime. I was hungry. I sat there while they were repairing the tire. I was getting really hungry. I went outside and looked around for someplace to get something quick to eat. I saw a 7-11 across the street. Hmm. Perhaps they had an edible sandwich that I could eat, or at least stomach. I walked over to the 7-11. I looked around. I saw a grill with a bunch of stuffed long round things cooking. The stuff looked good. I chose a Monterey Jack cheese and chicken thing, a taquito. I paid for it and walked back to Pep Boys, eating as I walked. OMG, the taquito was tasty! Spicy, cheesy, chicken-y and soft. Easy to bite into and chew. Yummy! I liked it!

Since then, on Tuesdays I go to a 7-11 and get 3 taquitos. I have them for dinner. Taquitos make a good breakfast, a good lunch and even a good dinner. Apparently, these taquitos are popular, late in the day they are often sold out. I try to buy them hours before I am going to eat them. When I want to eat them I first heat them up in the microwave. I also wanted to be aware of the nutritional info, as eating too many, or too often, could be not so good for your health

1 taquito = 180 calories
carbs = 23grams

So, my 3 taquitos contain 540 calories and 69 grams of carbs. That's why I only have 3 of them, weekly, or maybe twice weekly. If I ate more of them or ate them more often, I could easily gain weight. And yes, after trying the chicken-and-Monterey-Jack-cheese taquitos a few times I signed up for a 7-11 account, in order to get the discount when available. Normally, the 7-11 taquitos are 3 for $5. Plus tax. Gladly, having signed up, 7-11 has not swamped me with email or text ads and offers. 

Am I happy with my new discovery, the 7-11 taquitos? Very happy. My mouth was watering the whole time I was writing this post. Today is Monday. Maybe, instead of waiting until Tuesday I'll have them for dinner tonight!