Fear of money

 Fear of Money? No More!

Many people have a fear of money. The thought of having lots of money overwhelms them. Why? They think, they believe, that if they have a lot of money, the money will control them. I will now dispel that fear, the fear of money. 

First, let me tell you how I overcame my fear of money, big money. My first real job was on Wall Street. I was in my early 20s. I started as a trainee for a major investment banker, in their money market area. We sold and traded large investments. It was designed for institutional investors, like banks and pension funds and corporations. The minimum investment  was $5 million. I freaked out when they told me that. $5 million? I could not even conceive of that much money, let alone in a single transaction. 

My first assigned task was to check the trading/sales tickets for the math. Back then, WAY back then, the trades were handwritten and it was the early days of calculators. After only a few hours of seeing and checking $5 million tickets I realized something, something strange, something significant. I realized that these $5 million transactions were not actual cash, not actual money. They were paper trades, signifying the money and the commitment to sending it. Nobody walked into the trading room with a wheel barrel full of millions of dollars of cash. I never saw the 5 million dollars in actual dollars. The money was always wired to the banks.  Soon, to me a million dollars became just a 1, 2 commas and 6 zeros. $1,000,000. Five million dollars became just a 5, 2 commas and 6 zeros. $5,000,000. Sometimes in a trading day we did 100 transactions. At $5 million each. That's five hundred million dollars. Half a billion dollars. In 1 day! 

My fear of money was gone! Since then, I have never been afraid of money, I am only afraid of not having any.

If you have, or were to come into, a sizable amount of money you will probably see it deposited into your bank account, or in an investment(s) not handed to you in cash. A bank deposit. A bunch of numbers, signifying wealth. A bunch of numbers which can be converted or spent on wonderful things, for yourself, your family and others. The money doesn't control you, you control the money. Why do I say that? Because, in the extreme, you can GIVE IT ALL AWAY! Y-o-u control your money, it does not have to control you, unless you let it. 

The exception to the above is if you receive lots of money in cash. If so, make sure you are not doing something illegal and risking getting caught, arrested and going to jail.