serious solution

On a serious note, here in America we have had a critical border crisis since 2021. It's time for a serious solution.

How To Solve The Illegal Immigration 
Problem Simply, Quickly, Inexpensively, 
Maybe Even Without Offending Anyone

by Andrew Lawrence

I originally developed this simple, fast and affordable solution to illegal immigration in 2014, 10 years ago. It still hasn't been implemented by Congress.

The U.S. has an illegal immigration problem. A big illegal immigration problem. What is the problem? Too many people come here from other countries, without permission and without proper documents, and stay. At last count, there were some 11 million undocumented/illegal “guests” living in the United States. Guests who never leave, who never go home.

What caused the problem? Who's to blame? The U.S. government, for allowing foreigners to enter America illegally and/or overstay their visa time limit. No other country does this. It is against U.S. federal law to enter the U.S. without permission or proper documents or to overstay a legal visit. Yet, the federal government has allowed millions of people to do so.

So, how do we fix it? Here’s how to fix it, quickly and inexpensively and maybe even without offending anyone.

1. The federal government sets up a program I will call “The Guest Worker Program” (GWP). It is a federal database to which US resident “guests” from other countries, if they want to work here in the U.S., will have to sign up and register for. The database shall, for each guest worker, contain their name, valid current address, photograph, and fingerprints. Each guest worker shall pay an annual registration fee of perhaps $50-$100 to help cover the costs of the GWP. Registrants shall be known as "guest workers". If a guest worker is found to have committed a felonious crime, they shall be jailed and/or deported and their name removed from the database. 

The Guest Worker Program will also retroactively include the existing 11 million plus undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. If easier and possible, the already existing E-verify system could be adapted to do this.

2. U.S. employers. ALL employers in the U.S., can only hire workers from other countries to work here in the U.S. who are registered in the GWP database. Fines will be imposed on any U.S. employer who hires a non-U.S. citizen to work in the U.S. who is not registered in the database. First offense will be $10,000 per non-registered worker. Second offense will carry a fine of $25,000 per non-registered worker. Third offense will carry a fine of $100,000 per non-registered foreign worker AND a mandatory 1 year in jail. Onsite workplace verification and investigation could be handled by one of the government agencies.

3. The federal government - Congress - shall make the above the law of the land and shall inform any/all businesses or organizations in the U.S. that this is now enforceable federal law.

4. The federal government shall hire or transfer up to 1,000 federal judges for the program, or as many as needed. The sole purpose of these judges is to enforce the Guest Work Program and to fine and incarcerate those illegal residents and employers who violate the program and enforce the registration violations of Guest Workers.

Thus, establishing and enforcing the Guest Worker Program solves the undocumented/illegal immigration problem. How? No foreign person will come to the United States and work without registering in the GWP database when they get here. Why? Because if they do not register as a Guest Worker they will not be able to work legally, and few if any U.S. employers will hire them, for fear of the large fines and/or imprisonment.

And, in addition, via the Guest Worker Program, the U.S. will also know who is here in our country, where they live, and how to find them if so required.

Plus, if U.S. employers need/wish to hire “cheap labor” they may do so from the GWP. Guest Workers will not be entitled to have all of the rights of American citizens, because they will not be American citizens, they will be foreign "guests".

The program is self-regulating. If U.S. employers want to fill 5 million lower wage jobs, and the GWP has 5 million guest workers, everyone in the database can potentially be hired – legally. If there are 5 million available low wage jobs, and the database has 10 million guest workers in it, 5 million will not find work. Without work they may have to voluntarily return to their own country. In addition, if the demand for guest workers is 5 million and there are already enough legal guest workers in the database, foreigners will not come to the U.S. in search of work – because there won’t be any work – for them. That eliminates the need for more border patrol guards, and other increases in U.S. border security.

Let’s treat undocumented/illegal immigrants like guests! Literally. And, like guests, we have the right to ask them to leave our home if we wish.

The Guest Worker Program. It entitles foreigners to come to America to work – legally. No more hordes of undocumented/illegal immigrants, the United States will thus only house a self-limiting number of legal and wanted guest workers. The program is self-regulating. And, because the stigma of being here in the U.S. illegally will be a thing of the past, documented guest workers will be welcomed, and properly regulated. And, like every other nation in the world, under the program, U.S. borders shall be secure.

How to solve the illegal immigration problem quickly, inexpensively, and maybe even without offending anyone? The Guest Worker Program. Documented legal guests ... not undocumented/illegal border crossers from other countries or working visitors who overstay their visas.

The Guest Worker Program is simple, efficient and effective.

OK, Washington, let's get to work! Let's have a Guest Worker Program and SOLVE the illegal immigration problem in America!

I devised this program in 2014, well before the 2024 Presidential Election. I hereby offer it to any party, any candidate, any president, any member of Congress, intelligent enough, and with guts enough, to implement it.

And for you voters, feel free to send a link to this program to any/all of your members of Congress.