Spam Death

Stop the spam. Humor/not humor

Today, a Sunday morning, as usual I checked my email. And found 62 spams. 62 spam emails? 62 unsolicited unwanted emails? As usual I did not open any of them and deleted them en masse. Two hours later I got another 76 spams in my email box.

The next day, a Monday, so far in my email spam folder I have 101 spams. So far. It's only 3:30 PM.

This annoying super spamming has been going on for at least a month. I am getting like 100-200 spams a day. Every day. Despite any/all laws, rules, regulations et al spam is alive and thriving.

What's the solution? Here's an idea

The US federal government should designate email spam as a Terrorist Attack upon American citizens. Punishable by the Death Penalty.

And that could also apply to spam phone calls.

Stop spam.  With the Spam Death Penalty. A good idea. A damn good idea.

And, anybody found guilty of spamming could be executed, live, on TV, as pay-per-view. An ongoing TV Special. Even after the Spam Law Death Penalty is passed there should be enough stupid spammers to make it a weekly show.  The show could maybe 1-2 hours long, culminating in the live execution. It could be a terrific highly rated, high revenue generating Saturday night TV show, in prime time, especially since there is never anything good to watch on TV during prime time on Saturday night.

Making it visually appealing for ratings sake the official US government execution could be by hanging. Or firing squad. Or maybe by guillotine. 

As for spammers operating overseas the US could nicely demand the country turn the spammers over to us, or threaten to withhold foreign aid to that country, like Joe Biden did with the Ukraine.

Stop The Spam! 

Should we call/write our elected officials and urge them to pass this as law?

Yes, this is dark humor. Seriously dark humor. 

UPDATE: on Tuesday, August 25, 2021 I got 275 spams in my aol email account. Unbelieveable. C'mon Congress, pass the Spam Death Penalty! Or, if possible, the president should make it happen via an Executive Order.