Futuristic doctor's office

As an old person I go to my doctor (cardiologist) every few months for a normal routine examination. The assistant took me to an exam room and took my vitals. Wow! I was stunned. Stunned? Yes. Because my vitals, my blood pressure, pulse, temperature and BMI  et al was b-a-d? No, because they were so GOOD!

My blood pressure was 106/66. My pulse was 76. My temperature was 97.8. My BMI was 20.89 and I only weighed 145 lbs, below my normal weight range of 150-155 lbs. Wow. Those numbers were like I was in high school!

Why were my vitals so good? I don't know. Maybe it's the medications I take. Maybe it's the walking I do daily. Maybe it's a good diet. Maybe it's my healthy outlook. Maybe it's all of the above. In any event, I haven't had such good vitals since I was in my 20's. Or teens. Or in college. Whatever the reason(s) I plan on continuing living this way. Except maybe I'll have a fast food cheeseburger occasionally. To gain a few pounds. Really, I want to gain some weight? Now THAT'S a problem a lot of people would like to have. How many people? The current population of the world is 8 billion people. 39% are overweight or obese. That means over 3 billion people would like to have my problem.